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How much does it cost?

1) Registration fee: equal to one month's membership fee.

2) Monthly membership fees are as follows:

3) Additional fees for extra goods and services are billed at the time they are provided:

Membership term is month-to-month.

How do I pay?

The first payment occurs at the initial visit, which must be face-to-face. This includes the registration fee and the prorated fee for the month of the initial visit, if applicable.

Thereafter, membership fees are charged monthly by automatic bank draft or credit card payments, charged on the first of each month for that month. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Should you feel that you no longer desire the convenience and added benefits of our services, you can terminate your membership in writing. There will be no prorated refunds or refunds for lab or test orders even if they have not been completed. You are still responsible for all charges you have incurred that are still outstanding.

A member account that is not current on its payment past sixty days is considered terminated.

Can I rejoin later on?

Any membership that has lapsed and wishes to be re-instated must pay in arrears to the current month (up to a maximum of twelve months,) and the registration fee, subject to changes to the current fee schedule.

Can I just pay to see you when I need to?

No, we do not operate as an urgent care. Foundation Primary Care, P.A. is a membership-based clinic. We strive to build a lasting patient-physician to promote better health management.