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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some of these commonly asked questions answered below, or you can find details here in the Member Agreement.

Do I need medical insurance?

Foundation Primary Care is not an insurance company and does not provide insurance. We recommend having at least catastrophic insurance coverage for those unanticipated medical expenses that can arise that we cannot handle (i.e. surgeries, hospitalizations, etc.)

What if I already have insurance?

Patients can use their medical insurance when they wish; patients need to check with their insurance what tests are allowed and how much patients are financially responsible for. Dr. Taylor will give cash price options for comparison and if patients want to self-pay without billing their insurance.

Why would I pay extra for health care when I already have health insurance?

Because health insurance is not health care.

Because your insurance may put restrictions on your healthcare.

Because you may pay more for your services with insurance than without.

Can I use my HSA or FSA for my membership fees?

Current IRS laws are not clear about this; SB 1989 legislation hopes to clarify this. As laws are changing and still in flux, please consult your insurance or legal advisor.

What are your office hours?


Typical Office hours are as follows: Mon-Thurs 7:30AM - 5:00PM; Fri 7:30 -11:30AM.

The Office will close for federal holidays and other times as necessary, published on this website and Google maps.


Patients can schedule appointments (in-person Office Visits or Phone Consults) from their patient portal or by calling.

Non-urgent questions not requiring appointments can be handled via securing messaging in the patient portal.

Same-day or next-day appointments are available.

In-person visits are by appointment only.

Patients under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or with an adult with written permission from a parent to authorize treatment.  


How can I contact you?

For medical emergencies, please call 911.

Electronic forms of communication are not appropriate for emergencies or other time-sensitive matters. During office hours, if you are unsure whether you need to go to the emergency room, call Dr. Taylor.

You can call or message through the secure patient portal during office hours. Dr. Taylor will answer your unscheduled calls or messages whenever she is not taking care of another patient.

What can I expect during an office visit or consult?
  • Identify primary concern (acute illness, medication refill, wellness checkup, lab/ test review, administrative paperwork, testing, etc)
  • Review medications & supplements
  • Review interim health conditions since the previous consult
  • Review preventive/ wellness status
  • Discuss care plan and management/ referrals/ testing/ education materials
  • Coordinate care with other providers and facilities if needed
  • Obtain records or other information if needed
  • Arrange follow-up for the next consult

If you have any other questions you would like answered, please feel free to complete the Contact Us form